Saturday, 14 April 2012

I don't do much but I do this

People have contained

their tempers well

when confronted

with my stubborn

lazy little dreams of

I don’t know

being renowned

or at least a touch

more widely-read

than currently

of being a poet

is what I guess

you’d call it

and holding like the nearly-

drowned to flotsam

that is believing words

put down in such a

careful way on

paper matter and

whilst I don’t

look as though

I have much to

do with the world

that turns beyond

my bedroom walls and


it is at present

large and teeming

with I guess

you’d say its

soul and all

accoutrements implied

by that small syllable

inside my stubborn lazy

little head

and the people

who contain their tempers

when confronted with

the contradictions I embody

they are what I mean most fully

when that small syllable is


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