Monday, 1 October 2012

Five-minute love poem for people wherever

Left to my own devices I
will watch the earth
as though it’s sky
and scan its mass quite
searching for a place
to be
a new frontier
a hallowed land
where I need follow
no commands
where I need not
worry about sinning
where what’s seen
as loss today
turns into winning
where I need claim
no national pride
nor, lacking such,
duck head and hide
where I could tend
the ground around me
without stock markets
to confound me
and complicate my
sense of wealth
putting numbers
up above good health
and simple luxuries
like books and pens
where I could write
and not pretend
with honesty
that where I am
I feel, at last, a
well-off man
and, feeling so,
to those I love
and those I hate
that there is a place
where both might live
if all of us
could just forgive. 

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